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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Steve Beckow: Insider Shares Reval Backstory

This post has been updated. ~ Dinar Chronicles

"Insider" Shares Reval Backstory

November 19, 2017
By Steve Beckow

We really don't know who "Jared Rand" is

Thanks to Sitara.


Start at 2:29:29

"Jared Rand" came on to a Tank/Fisher Reval call last night and explained the behind-the-scenes story of what is occurring with the Reval.

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed his talk.

He says that he's related to the Rand Corporation, Sperry-Rand, and Rand-McNally Rands. However RAND Corp. stands for Research and Development Corp so no pass there.

He said that he was allowed to come on the show to share this information.

Even if his prediction has failed to materialize, I found his account fascinating. Reader discretion is advised.

Examples of what he had to say:

"You gradualize and you gradualize and you condition people and before they know it - and they don't even know it - they've been conditioned so that they accept things. It's much easier to accept things that way. ...

"We will have - and we do have already in place - many learning centers across America where people will be able to go in and they will be able to educate themselves and it won't cost any money, you won't have to sign a bunch of paperwork, kind of like a library, in a way, but you will learn the true story of your country, what actually happened...

"You have to inform a people of the atrocities that were committed against them so that they can pass it on to the generations and generations ahead of them so that they can never be committed again. And that's exactly what's going to take place. And it's going to take place all at once."

"People say I can't last that long. ... The fact of the matter is ... From what I can understand and what I have been informed about, all of this is on the verge of happening in the next 24 hours. Now, here is the big 'if.'

"If everything goes, well, accordingly, it is all on the money. ...

"[The exchanges] are not going to be a big deal. It is going to as simple as you walking into your local bank and saying.... [He goes on to describe the process - 2:52:34.] ...

"Managing the money ... is going to be a boom in jobs, an absolute boom. ... All colleges and universities across America will end up being free because there are a lot of people that plan on making sure that it's free. ...

"The fact of the matter is the amount of effect that even the 700 people on this call can make is absolutely spectacular. ...

"I take my hat off to all of you that you have stuck that out. ... There's a reason for it because you were all chosen to do this. ... You've all done a spectacular job with this. ...

"What we have now is we have a consensus and a fluid movement of massive amounts of money. You're going to see a very large amount being processed out there and everyone is going to be taken care of. ...

"Nothing really changes outside of where you're at. It's still the same - people struggling, people suffering, people losing their homes, people not being able to eat, veterans living in cardboard boxes under bridge overpasses - it goes on and on.

"To effect the change, you are the folks. You're the ones. You're going to effect that change. You're going to get those veterans out of those overpasses. You're going to fix the bridges, the roads. You're going to make your counties, and your cities and your towns clean and well run and organized. ...

"There's a lot of work to be done. Don't get fooled into thinking everything's going to be done for you because it is not. There's a massive amount of work out there that we'll all be tasked with doing

"In the long run, it's going to be fun. It's going to be very and really fulfilling. It'll warm everyone's heart and spirits for many generations to come. So you're all entrepreneurs. And you're all philanthropists. And you're all humanitarians."

Source: Golden Age of Gaia

Real Truth Call w/ Special Guest Mr. Rand Tonight at 9 PM EST 11-19-17

Join RTC - FULL TANK Over Flow - Tonight with Special Guest: Mr. Rand

9:00 pm (est) - 712-770-4175 - 143153# - 2nd Line code 899 988#
Back up - 641-715-0872 - code 818633# (Listen only)

Guest Posts Regarding the RV/GCR & More for Sun. Evening - 11.19.17

This is compilation of all guest posts submitted as of Sunday Evening, November 19, 2017. All guest posts that are more than 5 paragraphs in length, deemed important, contains images or is a response to another post will be considered it's own post.

Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. ~ Dinar Chronicles

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"The Real Jared Rand, Please Stand up"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 8:18 PM EST on November 19, 2017

Steve Beckow: Insider Shares Reval Backstory

Oh, please. Gut instinct says, "Not a match! Keep trying!" Does the voice of speaker last night match the picture shown? How about likely knowledge of timelines? Does it match age? This guy who's picture is shown might be all of 32 years old. The caller last night said he had been in this game for 36 years. Come on ...really, if you don't know, try at least "channelling" something for reality check, maybe??? Or perhaps, common sense, anyone? This suggestion smells of red-herring.

Verdict? Info provided by caller last night "potentially"correct (and, at the very least, very uplifting, yea. Thank you)! Alias??? Name not to be taken literally. There are many Jared Rands in the US. There are also many Jared's, some coincidentally associated with think tanks assisting with the upliftment of humanity. Don't focus on personas or names unless proven! Above all, keep an open and discerning mind, please. Love to all. Channeled by common sense self.

"The Real Jared Rand, Please Stand up"

Entry Submitted by dgt at 7:25 PM EST on November 19, 2017

I can’t tell you how much I want the information that turned up on the Real Truth Call last night to be true. Who wouldn’t give their life, if necessary, to bring that about ? Undoubtedly the young man in the current Steve Beckow post is a handsome and impressive fellow. However, the Jared Rand of the Real Call said he was first contacted 36 years ago. The Jared Rand in the post doesn’t look to be 36 year old. In fact he graduated high school in 2005. If he were 19 when he graduated he would have been born in 1986. 36 years ago was 1981. Finally, the Jared Rand on the call had a considerably older voice. That in itself is not definitive I know…just saying.

Good help us that all he said is true and he becomes our hero but please, let us not fall back to where we were. Do not go quietly into this good night (or even new day).


"Something to Share"

Entry Submitted by Wagner at 7:03 PM EST on November 19, 2017

It's late at night here in Brazil. I felt I should tell this to all of Intel Dinar Chronicles, I'm a Spiritist and I follow closely the Umbanda line for three weeks in a row, converse with entities, such as old black, and other orixás. In all the last three weeks old black told me, without me asking anything without me saying anything, he told me that very soon my much awaited money would come, as well as the cure for my cerebellar ataxia. I was astonished because I had not asked any questions and he did not even know of my involvement as RV/GCR. It is the purest and Crystalline truth. Grateful immense to Patrick for all your effort and bring us more and more information and flood us with your care and dedication. Big hug ....... Wagner- a Brazilian

Stay in the light. Thank you my brothers!

"A True Story of Manfestation" by ReelMan - 11.19.17

Entry Submitted by ReelMan at 7:50 PM EST on November 19, 2017

Good Afternoon to all my Brothers and Sisters of the Light. May you shine brightly and continue to help lift the veil.

I mentioned in a post last month that I had been foreclosed upon. Not a fun time, to be sure, but I KNEW in my heart that things would work out. My wife, bless her soul, is not lifting up yet so this was panic time for her. I kept telling her that, before the 20 days was up that we had to move that something would work out and not to start packing.

A young man came to our door to serve the eviction notice. The house had been sold by the bank to a large company in California that flips houses. Because the eviction notice did not have our name on it, but rather a company name, he was surprised when we opened the door to see who was there.

This young man had worked for me about 10 years ago. We knew his wife, his children and him. He said something to the effect that he had no idea that it was us, would we be OK and how could he help us, as he presumed that our son would be coming home for the Holidays. We said that, yes, our son and his new fiance, whom we had not met, had planned to spend Christmas with us.

He smiled, pulled out his cell phone, and called the President of the company. Five minutes later, he told us that they had worked it out so that we could stay until Jan. 10th. We would have one more Christmas in our home.

The Ancients have told us that we have the power to Manifest and Create. That we need not live in fear. That we have the ability to co-create what we envision.

Believe it, we do.

Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for November 19, 2017

Operation Disclosure

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - November 19, 2017








Real Truth Call: Jared Rand Highlights Replay 11-19-17

Published on Nov 19, 2017

"We're Ready" - Humanitarian Thought - 11.19.17


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