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Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for October 21, 2017

Operation Disclosure https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/ RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - October 21, 2017 SOMETHING MAJOR HAS CHANGED ...

Saturday, October 21, 2017

"OWK... A Heart Wide-Open" by Autumn - 10.21.17

Entry Submitted by Autumn at 5:01 PM EDT on October 21, 2017

Victor brought up some really good reminders from OWK.

Richard is not forgotten but lives in our hearts. He himself showed us a heart wide open, full of light and wisdom, kindness and compassion, integrity and truthfulness.

We could continue to honor him by embracing these same strengths and virtues.

None of us are certain of his whereabouts, but real love connects us still with this brother we have come to admire and respect on this journey.

A time will come when we will know all that has happened to those no longer with us on IDC.

In the meantime, allow what you learned from him to still resonate in your minds and hearts.

I believe wherever he is, he continues to pray for us and desires us to stay strong and in the Light of Source.

My wish is the same for my family here on IDC. Blessings and Peace.

Let us bring in the Harvest together.

"Re: This May Happen" by Sierra (NZ) - 10.21.17

Entry Submitted by Sierra (NZ) at 4:18 PM EDT on October 21, 2017

"This May Happen" - Intel via OWoN Comment by Canauzzie 10-21-17

Of course the cabal will fight to the bitter end to prevent the GCR. They are cabal - that's what they do! We are very naive to think that it will be any other way.

We must constantly remind ourselves about JFK's assassination and 9/11. Those two catastrophic events prevented previous financial resets. They are indicative of the cabal's determination to block humanity's freedom at all costs.

The GCR process can only be experienced without anguish if we stay detached from our own concerns and focus always on the bigger picture - freeing humanity.

The lightworkers in charge of bringing in the GCR are experts at playing the long game. There is no emotion in their strategies. They remain detached and focused on a successful outcome - and so must we.

Look around you, and recognize that you are surrounded by an abundance of Love. If not in your own life, you are surrounded by an abundance of Love on this website. Patrick has created a haven where you can rest, get respite from the challenges and exhaustion of 3D life.

When my energies flag a little, Spirit always sends me a boost in the form of a synchronicity, or an unexpected message from a soul brother or sister. It happened to me just a few minutes ago. I am so grateful for those signs.

Look for the signs. They will be there for you too, I promise.

Onwards and upwards. We are in this together, to the end!

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

Currency365 - Trump Congrats Forces on Raqqa Victory | Abadi Historic Saudi Meetings

Published on Oct 21, 2017

"Hit it Like a Freight Train" - Sat. PM TNT Thoughts



The net has always promised Abadi Trump Lagarde etc is about to announce the RV. Never happens. Not planned to happen. There can be no advance announcement of the RV. It would mess up the financial markets unbelievably to announce in advance…. The last thing I want to see is an advance announcement. Just let it hit like a freight train at 3 am.

Agreed RValready,,,,the banks still have reason to expect us next week,,

I suspect that Alak sealed the deal last week in the US, and, to me, his speech practically told us so.

Doesn't "expecting the unexpected" make the unexpected expected?

Best if the unexpected does not happen exactly when everyone expects it ;).

I'm sure Alak knows of IQD (M3?) throughout the world being sold to many...It would be interesting to know how he handles that

RVAlready:It is because he knows the quantity that he does not worry about. Besides, the US IQD will be incinerated at our Treasury, so no worries there.

"Richest Nation on this Planet" - Sat. PM KTFA News


Purifiers » October 21st, 2017

IMO!!!!!!! Get rid of your programme rate! Get with the PROGRAM!

JesusLovesBaseball » October 21st, 2017


In 2001, Iraq produced hydraulic cement, nitrogen, phosphate rock (from the Akashat open-pit mine), salt, and native Frasch sulfur (from underground deposits at Mishraq, on the Tigris River, south of Mosul), as well as clay, gypsum, lime, limestone, industrial sand (glass or silica), sand, gravel, and stone.

Iraq’s mineral resources are some of the most exciting and profitable in the world and – due to the turmoil of the past decades – largely untapped. The second largest reserves of phosphate rock are in Iraq next to huge quantities of natural sulphur, limestone and quartz-sand of 98-99% purity. Especially for the fertilizer and cement industries Iraq is a place of nearly unlimited potentials.

Minogenic map of Iraq

Geological surveys have indicated usable deposits of iron ore, copper, gypsum, bitumen, dolomite, and marble; these resources have remained largely unexploited, because of inadequate transport facilities and lack of coal for processing the ores.


Geosurv, Iraq

Exploration for mineral resources and industrial rocks started in Iraq as early as 1930 and was continued by foreign companies until 1965, then Geological Survey of Iraq commenced a comprehensive systematic program of geological mapping and mineral exploration that covered all the Iraqi territory and was based on actual field mapping (1:100 000), exploratory drilling, geophysical and geochemical surveys.

One of the main objectives achieved was the delineation of the mineral resources of Iraq. Many industrial projects were based on the results of that project including sulfur mining, phosphate fertilizer plant, glass and ceramic plants, several cement plants, constructions raw materials, etc. The Geological Survey is active now in geological mapping on more detailed scales and following up exploratory works to upgrade the resources into exploitable economic reserves. A summary of the main mineral resources of Iraq is given below:-

Native sulfur: Iraq has the largest global reserve of native sulphur. About 6 million tons of proved reserves were discovered in Nineva Governorate, 60% of which is extractable by modified Frash method. Mining in MI field started in 1969 at 1 m.t./year designed production capacity. Mostly used in chemical industries and for export.

Phosphorite: Overall an estimated minimum of 9.5 billion metric tons of prime quality Phosphorite Rock in Iraq, the second largest reserves in the world. More than 1.7 billion tons of proved reserves were discovered in Akashat and surrounding areas (Anbar Governorate). Mining started in 1983 at 3.2 m.t./year designed production rate to supply the phosphate fertilizer plant at Al- Qaim.

Limestone: More than 8000 m.t. are proved in various parts of Iraq and are being exploited for the production of cement.

Glauberite: About 22 million tons of proved reserves are found in the Shari Saltern (Salahuldin Governorate). Used in the production of sodium sulfate. New plant is needed.
Gypsum: More than 130 million tons are proved in several localities of the Low-Folded Zone (Northern Zone) of Iraq. Mostly used in the production of plaster.

Quartz-sand: More than 75 million tons of proved reserves are available of 98-99% pure quartz-sand. Presently mined from one site in Anbar Governorate and used in glass, ceramics and refractories production.

Feldspathic sand: A small reserve (about 2 million tons) of silica sands containing up to 20% feldspar minerals are located in Najaf Governorate. Used for ceramic industry and need a floatation plant for upgrading.

Salt (NaCl): About 50 million tons of proved reserves are located at Samawa saltern (Muthana Governorate) in addition to several smaller salterns in the Jazira area. Used in chemical and petrochemical industries, as well as in food industry. Production rate about 200 000 t/year.

Kaolinitic claystones: These deposits are found in several localities in Anbar Governorate with total reserves reaching up to 1200 million tons of various grades (white and colored). Mostly used in ceramic industry, but is considered the only source in Iraq for alumina in the future.

Bentonite: About 22 million tons of Ca-montmorillonitic clay are found in Anbar Governorate. At present it is mainly used for oil-well drilling after on-site Na-activation. A plant for Na-activation is needed with 75000 t./year production capacity.

Ironstone: A sedimentary pisolitic medium grade ironstone deposit is located in Anbar Governorate with about 60 million tons of reserves. The quality and grade permit using the ore in cement industry only. A new mine is needed.

Bauxite: Very small and scattered Karst bauxite and bauxitic claystones are found in Anbar Governorate. Locally used for refractories.

Metallic Minerals: A few deposits of Zn-Pb-pyrite deposits are located in Kurdstan Region. Non of them is exploited. Some are associated with barite. Numerous showings of Cu, Cr-Ni, Mn-Fe and Fe are found in the igneous complexes of the Zagros Suture Zone of Kurdstan Region. All of them require more exploration work to show their economic potential.


Samson » October 21st, 2017

APEC finance and bank deputies meet in Hội An Vietnam

HỘI AN – Disaster risk financing and insurance was one of the important topics that finance officials and bank deputies of 21 APEC economies are discussing at a meeting that began in Hội An City on Friday.

The latest financial co-operation developments in the region and implementation of the Cebu Action Plan are other items on the agenda at the APEC Finance and Central Bank Deputies’ Meeting.

The meeting is co-chaired by Vietnamese Deputy Minister of Finance Trần Xuân Hà and Deputy Governor of the State Bank of Việt Nam Nguyễn Thị Hồng.

Ha said meeting is of significance for both domestic and foreign delegates, because progress made in four financial priorities set for the year 2017 will be reported to finance ministers the following day.

The finance and bank deputies had approved four co-operation priorities at their previous meeting held in Nha Trang in Febuary, including long-term investment in infrastructure, base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS), disaster risk financing and insurance, and financial inclusion.

On the sidelines of the meeting, Sebastian Eckardt, the World Bank’s Lead Economist and Programme Leader, said all four priorities initiated by Việt Nam were important for many APEC member economies.

Regarding BEPS, Eckardt said it was very relevant for Việt Nam given that there are a lot of multinational companies operating in the economy.

Besides a sound legal investment framework, it is also crucial to build capacity and tax administration to deal effectively with the very complex operations and transactions of multinational corporations, Eckardt said.

He said disaster risk financing was of great importance for Viet Nam, as its economy is exposed to climate change related shocks.

On average, the economy spends about half per cent of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per year on dealing with disaster consequences. Eckardt said delegates discussed efficient ways to manage risk and ensure financial safety, so that when disaster happens, funds can be mobilised quickly to support relief and recovery efforts.

Michelle Theresa Curry, CEO at the Foundation for Development Cooperation, University of Sydney, said that to promote financial inclusion, there should be greater collaboration within APEC, especially in financial risk management in rural areas and the agriculture sector.

Apart from the four priorities, the meeting discussed updated reports on implementation of the Cebu Action Plan, activities of the APEC economic committee and SOM meetings.
Bilateral meetings

In a related meeting on Friday, Vietnamese Finance Minister Đinh Tiến Dũng received David Malpass, Under Secretary of the US Treasury for International Affairs.

At the meeting, the two sides discussed bilateral cooperation in the areas of taxation, insurance, securities, capital markets and auditing.

The Ministry of Finance has recently received a number of recommendations from US businesses on issues related to Việt Nam’s policy. Minister Dũng said Việt Nam was open to discussion and ready to tackle problems facing US businesses operating in Việt Nam.

He also proposed that the US speeds up ratification process of the Agreement on Double Tax Avoidance between the countries and hasten negotiations for the government-level agreements on cooperation and mutual assistance between customs agencies, and Official Development Assistance (ODA) support.

Malpass said the US gave top priority to its ties with Southeast Asia in general and Viet Nam in particular.

Talking to the media after the meeting, Malpass said the bilateral discussions focused on trade relationship which he called more open.

“We discussed on trade relationship that does not damage the American enterprises and workers. Both sides look forward to growth,” Malpass said, adding that the US welcomes Vietnamese investment.

On the same day, Finance Minister Đinh Tiến Dũng met with the Secretary General of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Angel Gurria, Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Mitsuhiro Furusawa and Treasurer of Australia Scott John Morrison.


Young Lightworkers Channel - Raphael via Ann Dahlberg 10-18-17

Published on Oct 21, 2017

I am Raphael. I am here to thank you all for the massive work that you now have done on Earth. You have turned the direction of the wind today. After the dark menacing wind comes now a mild and loving breeze.

It has required courage and sacrifices to come to where you are today. Some of these brave souls have left the Earth and they now give their help and support from a higher plane of the reality that we live in.

We live on different planes, but have the same origin my children on Earth. We are born in the light and it is to LIGHT that we will return. We can live on many different planes at the same time, but on some lower planes we are unaware of this.

It can be hard to go from being unaware to become aware… even for a single individual. Much more is asked from you when a whole collective is about to ascend. The responsibility then gets larger for all your brothers and sisters.

You who are aware have a responsibility to wake up those that are unaware. It is true for the whole of humanity that they should have the opportunity to wake up and ascend with Mother Earth – the planet that has become their home during so many thousands of years.

It is by shining with your own light that you can ignite the light in others – attracting the hearts and the flickering flame will grow larger and larger.

This is when you take each other by the hand and start your new journey on Earth. This time it will be a journey of light, where everything on Earth will find its rightful place in light and love.

It will also lift this part of your solar system up to a higher dimension of being. It can, as you understand, create some rings on the water that grows larger and larger. Everything is connected and one thing impacts another.

This is why many now follow everything that is happening on Earth, since everything that is happening in this solar system has an impact on other solar systems.

It is so… that we live in a multidimensional Universe. What happens in one place resounds in other places across the whole enormous Space. This can be a lot to take in, but you will soon know how everything is connected. You will receive the knowledge and the abilities you need in order to absorb everything so that you can understand your own role in the large drama that is now playing out on Earth.

You grow in consciousness and you grow in your spirituality, your souls begin to take a larger space in your bodies and we are very glad and grateful for this.

Continue now in the same fashion that you have begun… dear children on Earth. Let your heart be what guides your actions. Listen to the beautiful and loving voice inside you and you will be led to the light.

The one who is led by his/her heart can only do what is good for him/herself and fellow man. A large compassion rests in this heart as it knows and understands all the difficulties that come with having lost one’s heart’s clear light.

Let the light shine out from your hearts and let them ignite the remaining flickering flames so that you all can wander home to the light.

There are many who wait for you there and there will be many surprises for you to experience. Your fantasy today is not enough to imagine how it can be in the higher dimension or dimensions that you are heading towards.

It is much for you to ponder and learn. Finally everything will open up and you become one with yourselves, your origin and your history. Your rich experiences will give you many benefits and you will have larger possibilities to choose among …to find in which way you want to serve Father/Mother God.

With these words I leave you now with much gratitude.


Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan
Source: www.sananda.website

Message from the Andromedans for October 21, 2017

We are the Andromedans. We greet you today with great hope and expectation for your planet and your species, her species. We were involved with the initial seeding of life in this glorious blue orb; everything was pulsing with light and life and love. It was a truly wonderful creative process / endeavor and an honor to take part in it, so as it is also great honor for you all who are embodied in this most auspicious of times, in this glorious Now, that you should be able to be here and lend your light.

You are weary. You have traveled from the stars and been gone a long while. We are eager for the reunions and the great rememberings to occur - for they will, and they already are with some of you.

Tell us what you wish us to tell you! Ask for assistance and we will gladly give it. We Andromedans are your galactic neighbors. We have splendid, glorious alive ships that hold vast populations of all life. Many of us live in the ships; they are our home away from home, and we enjoy stopping and interacting with our galactic family - our brothers and sisters - and so we are interacting with you, through this one, as a neighborly "Hello! What do you need or require? May we take your trash out?" I assure you, we don't need to borrow a cup of sugar! But we would love to hear your stories, your shared experiences, for they are to be your most priceless memories of these brief moments, that seem never ending to you, but are not in actuality.

Remember time doesn't exist for us. Soon it will not for you. All is changing, marching on at galactic speed. The travel will amaze and delight you, for you have been so horrendously limited, it is shocking to observe. Truly parts of your planet are languidly in the dark ages. Clean water, housing, healthy alive foods are your birthright, for your are truly the creators of old, simply embodied at this Now moment.

It is true, certain, that your current fleshly form is requiring more and more light, because it is becoming more and more light filled. Lay on the Earth and absorb her love, her light, her energy rays that she so gladly shares with you, her precious ones. Eat lightly, avoid alcohol, avoid meat and animal products so that you can better adapt to the coming energy waves that are engulfing your planet and your fleshly form.

Evolve with ease; eat right and rest. Laugh. Be silly, be loving, be open and friendly with each other. You are each other's greatest allies and assets, you who are awake. You are turning the tide together. Look how strong you have become in the process, planet turners. We behold you with great honor and respect for your service to Gaia and humanity.

That is all for now. We are the Andromedans. We are your family and we bid you farewell. Until we meet again!

-- Submitted by galaxygirl


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